Loveyourself for who you are & who you will become

    NBC News Channel 12, July 11, 2009      [12 News]
        Mean girls, self-esteem, tips for parents (link to site)  
                            (SEE the NEWSCAST)  
    NBC News Channel 12, June 24, 2009       
        Camp is safe haven, girls learning how to build each other up (link to site
                Coverage of BRIDGES Camp 2009 Session One 
                                      (SEE the NEWSCAST)        

    Good Morning Arizona Channel 3, June 15, 2009       
        Interview with Tara Hitchcock           
        Media's impact on body image, tips for parents (SEE the NEWSCAST)

    Phoenix Business Journal, April 24, 2009       
       40 Under 40:  Laurie Sliva  Class of 2009 (link to article)  

    The Pat McMahon Show AZ-TV 7, April 9, 2009       
       Body image, Laurie's personal journey, tips for parents

    The Chat Room AZ-TV 7, February 24, 2009       
       Body image, media, and self-esteem 

    FOX 10 AZ AM, July 1, 2008       
        Ladies Room:  Self-Image Camp           

    NBC Channel 2 KNAZ, June 25, 2008       
       Easing Society's Pressure on Young Women (link to site)      
               Coverage of BRIDGES Camp 2008 Session One
                                        (SEE the NEWSCAST)        
    Chandler Republic (Arizona Republic), June 6, 2008       
        Camp empowers, builds self-esteem for girls  (link to article)

     Good Morning Arizona Channel 3, May 31, 2008       
        Camp empowers, builds self-esteem, teaches self-defense      
                               (SEE the NEWSCAST)  


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