Core Values

  • Believing in others 
  • Creating possibilities for yourself
  • Everybody is Beautiful
  • Identifying the beauty in ourselves & others
  • Suspending judgment, seeking first to understand & respect others
  • Everyone deserves to be appreciated valued
  • Every girl has a story - Every human being has a story 
  • Encouraging & inspiring others to find their true & authentic selves
  • Helping girls discover their self-worth;                   ​                       ​              that they are worthy of esteem & respect


​To make an impact on young women’s lives by helping them transition through adolescence via education, integration and genuine ‘heart’.  This will be accomplished by providing a secure and stable environment of acceptance, encouragement and respect.  This atmosphere will be conducive to increasing self-esteem, confidence, and a healthy body and self-image, as well as challenge the girls to realize and reach for their potential.

Loveyourself for who you are & who you will become

"BRIDGES helps you to become a better person and become more understanding."    - Sierra

"I Learned to accept people for who they are and look on the inside."    - Ashley

Themes - Let's Get Real...

At BRIDGES, our programs are customized for your specific needs, interests, and what is important and "real" for you.  Get REAL:  talk about what matters most in a safe, encouraging environment.

               Our sessions may include, but are not limited to the following BRIDGES themes: 

             - Discover inner beauty in yourself & others    
             - Change society’s definition of beauty 

             - EveryBODY is Beautiful
             - Critical thinking about media & body image
             - Love yourself for who you are

               - Respect for yourself & others 
             - Tools to handle relational aggression/mean girls
             - Conflict resolution, mediation, voicing feelings
             - Building healthy relationships with peers & adults
             - Family life, mother-daughter/father-daughter relationships

               - Be true to yourself 
             - Resist peer pressure
             - Challenge labels/stereotypes
             - Appreciate/celebrate diversity 

​             - Fitting in & Belonging are not the same thing, they are opposites
               - Build self-esteem & confidence
             - Build leadership & communication skills
             - Positive self-talk, be kind to yourself
             - Love yourself & your body 
             - You are Worthy of honor & respect

               - Who do you want to BE?
             - How will you get there? 
             - Following your passions 
             - Finding emotional purpose 
             - Obstacles:  Drugs/Alcohol, etc.

              - What is Love? Romantic Relationships
             - Being "Queen of your own body" 
             - Dating Violence/Abusive Relationships 
             - Grief/Loss 
             - Stress Management

             - Pay-it-Forward Projects/Campaigns 
             - Power of Giving 
             - Team building, trust development
             - Community Involvement
             - Make a difference in your own life & that of others