“My daughter has been blossoming since [her BRIDGES experience].  She started at a new school this fall and has been doing amazing.  She was always good at school but she’s really embracing her classes and has become very responsible for her schoolwork, preparing her lunch, taking care of herself with good hygiene, etc.  I know these things may sound corny but we’ve really seen a major shift in her.”  

~ Parent of a 6th grader

“I just wanted to thank you and your team for all their hard work and dedication with [my daughter].  Your work has not gone in vain as I can already see the fruits of your labor.  She is more helpful and more engaging. I definitely see that she is more at peace with herself. I am glad that you were able to make a positive impact in her life, as I was blue in the face from talking so much. I am very pleased that she was able to receive what you had to offer.  Thank you for your passion and your gift that you have shared with us.  Both of us have been singing your praises to everyone that we have come in contact with. Continue to keep up the great work that you have been called to do.”        

~ Laurie Shiell, Parent of an 8th grader


“My daughter asked me the other day if I thought she had gotten too much out of the BRIDGES program.  She found herself thinking of it and the power positive self talk a lot. I told her absolutely NOT and, that it is wonderful that it seems so natural for her.  It will be with her the rest of her life.”    

~ Parent of an 11th grader

"I learned to accept people for who they are and to look on the inside."

"She [Laurie] has been a huge inspiration in my life, I will never forget this experience!"

"At BRIDGES, I learned that I am beautiful the way I am and that I don't have to look a certain way and not to be judgmental."

 "I learned to accept myself 
the way I am."  

"I will always be a big fan of 
BRIDGES, it will change the way 
people think and act."

"Now I know that no matter what 
I want to change about the 
world, I could do it!"  
"BRIDGES is something that every young girl should [do]...it changed my life in so many ways."

"BRIDGES helps [you]

become a better person and become 
more understanding."

"I've changed by opening up and talking more. BRIDGES really has changed my life."

What the Girls Say...

Praise from Parents

Loveyourself for who you are & who you will become